Discord Exclusive Q&A With Bill

by Linda

On Saturday May 15th, Bill will be talking the STAGE on the Official Tokio Hotel Discord. There he will do an EXCLUSIVE Questions & Answers session. The answers have been asked by fans all over the world, and the best one gets picked by the fanclub leaders, who know what have been asked before, and what are great questions for Bill.

The Q&A with Bill will go live 1pm in the stage channel tokio-hotel-TALKS We are also opening a #bill-talking-tonight chat for the night so you guys can chat along during the Q&A.

– Tokio Hotel Official on Discord

Make sure to tune in at 13:00 CET time (Copenhagen time), and go over to the voice channel called “tokio-hotel-TALKS”. To make things even better, we have been told that Tom will be in the discord channels as well, participating in chatting with fans.

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