Tokio Hotel’s new single will be…

by Linda

… Behind Blue Eyes! The band has finally announced, that their new single will be a cover of the famous song, “Behind Blue Eyes”, originally by “The Who”. The song became very mainstream, when it was covered by rock band “Limp Bizkit”. The single will release the 28th of May, and will feature Vize, who also featured and helped create the hit single “White Lies”.

The band has also announced, that the music video will be recorded LIVE during Germany’s Next Top Model finale. As the band wrote in their newsletter:

The clip will go live on YouTube only minutes after. If it all goes wrong we are literally f*****, so fingers crossed.

Tokio Hotel

We are SO excited to hear the cover, imagine the potential it will have on radio stations, since it’s a relatively known song. 🙌🏻

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