Bad Love new single from Tokio Hotel

“Bad Love” out NOW!

by Linda

The new single from Tokio Hotel “Bad Love” is out now, on ALL platforms. Make sure you add it to all your playlists and stream as much as you can. Streams from countries count a lot when the band plans future tours, so keep that in mind, and stream away 😉


Apple Music

YouSee Musik

Check out the lyric video right here:

Here’s a few things you can do to try and help the band push the new single and make it show up in charts and playlists

  • Create a streaming playlist (check out the discord for guides on how to stream efficiently)
  • Share Bad Love with at least 5 friends
  • Give Bad Love a 5 star rating and leave a review on iTunes and/or Amazon
  • Share Bad Love on ALL your social media profiles
  • Request the song on local radio stations (perhaps through instagram DM’s)
  • Shazam Bad Love
  • Add the song to your favorites on Spotify (give it a heart)
  • Like the video on YouTube, and leave a comment!

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