Tokio Hotel’s new album out now!

by Linda

Finally after 5 years, Tokio Hotel’s new album called “2001” is out today. The album follows up on fan-favorite “Dream Machine”, and features 16 new songs. Singles such as “HIM”, “Bad Love” and “White Lies” are of course all on the new album.

Bill says of the album:

For the first time in a long time, it felt a bit like it did back then, more than 20 years ago

This is also why the album is titled “2001”;

On the one hand, the album goes back to the roots, but it also combines all the Tokio Hotel facets of the last two decades

Bill Kaulitz

Here’s the tracklist of the new album:

  1. “Durch den Monsun 2020”
  2. HIM
  3. White Lies” (VIZE x Tokio Hotel)
  4. “Ain’t Happy”
  5. “Just a Moment” (featuring VVAVES)
  6. “Hungover You”
  7. “Smells Like Summer” (featuring ÁSDÍS)
  8. “Happy People” (featuring Daði Freyr)
  9. Here Comes the Night
  10. “Dreamer”
  11. “Runaway”
  12. “When We Were Younger”
  13. Bad Love
  14. “Another Lover”
  15. “Berlin” (featuring VVAVES)
  16. “Back to the Ocean”

The album features 4 different artists; VIZE, VVAVES, ÁSDÍS and Daði Freyr. You can purchase the album everywhere today, and stream it on our favorite streaming platform (including Yousee Musik for the Danish fans!). The album also comes in a box set that is almost sold out.

Here’s some links to where you can purchase the album:

Tokio Hotel – 2001 | CDON

Tokio Hotel · 2001 (CD) (2022) (

2001: CDs & Vinyl

“2001” Cover shoot

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