by Linda


 …to TOKIOHOTELDENMARK , the #1 source for all things Tokio Hotel in Denmark 🇩🇰. This is a fansite for the German band “Tokio Hotel”. The reason for launching this website, is because we felt there was a serious lack of information and “knowledge” database for the band. We also want to be a place where Danish fans of the band, can come and read everything they need to know about the guys, their tour dates, and music releases. However, it should also be a place where they can read up on past tours, awards and much more.

We have decided the site should be in English, because there are not really any big Tokio Hotel pages left on the internet, where you can find all this old archival information. We did, however, make sure to include a way for Danish (and German) fans to be able to translate into their own language. That can be done in the top right of the menu. 

We have plans to add a lot more content in the future, as we go along, so make sure to bookmark us, and check back once in a while. Let us know if there’s anything you think we should add to the site. We are so happy to be back in full force, supporting the band, as we have for the past 15 years. 

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